Snake Removal & Animal Removal Services

We service Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Chicago. Whether you Armadillos in your yard, mice in your soffit, rats in your attic, or raccoons in your garbage, we are professional, fast, and get the job done right the first time.

Snake Inspections

To effectively solve your nuisance Snake problem, an inspection must be performed prior to setting traps. If animals are inside your fenced yard, it is important that all wildlife entry points are found otherwise the problem will persist. Are Armadillos getting in through construction gaps under the fence? Did the Snakes burrow under the home? A Snake inspection will verify where animals are getting in, what animals are getting in, and how long they have been getting in based on damage and other Snake activity.

Snake Removal Service - Trapping, Removal, & Control

$95 and up, depending on the amount of time and work involved in a solution. Our Snake removal experts are highly trained professionals that have years of experience in their field. After assessing your situation, the Snake removal technicians will determine the best areas to set traps to solve your problem. Our goal is to provide fast and humane service at all times.

Snake Exclusion Repairs

When Snakes are entering yards, the only way to prevent the problem from happening again is to perform an exclusion, also known as Snake proofing. We will find each and every entry point where Snakes can get in and seal it with animal proof material which they can't pull, chew, push, or bust through. We only use metal and concrete to keep nuisance wildlife out and all of our repairs include a one year warranty. If wildlife are able to enter in through our repairs during the warranty period, we will re-repair the area and get the Snakes out at no additional cost.

Snake Deterrent & Control Services

After Snakes have been removed from your property, we recommend removing feces, treating urine stains with a deodorizer and disinfectant. It is very important that these bio-hazards are removed to prevent any health hazards but also to ensure animals aren't attracted back to your property. Animal feces and urine can carry very dangerous diseases that affect people and pets. Our ongoing Snake deterrent program will ensure Snakes are no longer attracted to your yard in the future.

Common Problems With Snakes

We commonly deal with the following snake problems in and around homes, buildlings, gardens, parks, attics, crawl spaces, and empty lots.

Snakes in a garage, Snakes in a car, Snakes under a home, snakes in a house, snakes in an attic, snakes in a building, snakes in a lake, snakes in a pond, snakes in gutters, snakes in a mailbox, snakes in a wall, snakes in a toilet, snakes in a swamp.

Common Types of Snakes

Corn Snake, Yellow Rat Snake, Black Racer, Garter Snake, Earth Snake, Little Brown Snake, Water Moccasin, Cotton Mouth, Dusky Pigmy Rattle Snake, Diamondback Rattle Snake, Timber Rattle Snake, Copperhead, Glass Snake, Banded Water Snake, Hog Snake, and many more.

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Snake Removal Experts

We are your local Snake Removal and animal removal experts. Our staff of certified wildlife specialists and animal removal technicians have the knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively solve your rodent pest problems. EXPEL was created with the customer in mind and our team receives ongoing training in the classroom and in the field to ensure you get the highest quality service and we solve your rodent and wildlife issues quickly.